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Top-Performing Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Line Adds Two Must-Have Novelty Items

FAIRFIELD, CALIF., May 18, 2015 ­­— BeanBoozled® jelly beans from Jelly Belly Candy Company have become a cult phenomenon with millions of views on YouTube thanks to thousands of fan videos and rampant demand. Sales have surpassed so many expectations, Jelly Belly has added two new gifts in time for the holiday season and beyond: Jelly Belly® BeanBoozled® Jumbo Box and Jelly Belly® BeanBoozled® Mystery Bean Dispenser ship this summer.

IMAGE: Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jumbo BoxFilled with BeanBoozled jelly beans, 20 selections of 10 weird and wild flavors that look exactly like their 10 tasty counterparts, the new gift items are expected to fly off shelves as more and more shoppers look to traditional and non-traditional retail channels for this popular line.

BeanBoozled Jumbo Box is a larger version of the BeanBoozled Gift Box, including the well-known spinner game.  The Jumbo Box measures 15.5” x 2.25” x 9.25” and is filled with the BeanBoozled flavors packed in 45 individually wrapped bags. Fans have the option of opening as many bags as they wish for multiple game-playing opportunities. They spin the wheel and the arrow decides their fate: Will it be Stinky Socks or its twin Tutti-Fruitti? Licorice or its counterpart Skunk Spray? There’s only one way to find out. The BeanBoozled Jumbo Box ships in August.

BeanBoozled Mystery Bean Dispenser is filled with 3.5 ounces of the BeanBoozled flavors and comes with instructions for use. Brave fans simply lifts the top portion up, then pushes it back down to its original position, and the dispenser displays the selected bean. IMAGE: Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Mystery Bean DispenserThe challenge remains: is it a wacky flavor, or a tasty one? The BeanBoozled Mystery Bean Dispenser ships in July.

With fans clamoring to take the BeanBoozled Challenge, the current BeanBoozled line – including a 1.9-oz peg bag, 1.6-oz. BeanBoozled Flip Top Box and 3.5-oz. Spinner Gift Box – has exploded in popularity. The new novelty gifts will join these packaged items, rounding out the collection in 2015.  Now, retailers everywhere can carry the must-have collection of yummy classic Jelly Belly® bean flavors paired with wild-tasting lookalikes.

BeanBoozled jelly beans are certified OU Kosher and are free of gelatin, gluten, fat and dairy. For information, visit www.jellybelly.com or call 800-522-3267. Retailers may contact Jelly Belly Customer Service at (800) 323-9380. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.