Fairfield, CA,
21:22 PM

The Best of Both Worlds: Jelly Belly Candy Cupcakes Debut

New Confection Brings Together Cupcake Flavor with Five Different Frosting Flavors

Put away the eggs and flour, Jelly Belly Candy Company announces its newest confection, Jelly Belly Candy Cupcakes. The makers of iconic Jelly Belly® jelly beans, introduces an assortment of miniature cupcake replicas in five indulgent flavors: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, French vanilla and banana.

Each piece has a cupcake flavor base and a frosting flavor on top. The adorable new confection even features a bakery-perfect swirl. Similar to Jelly Belly Candy Cones and candy corn, Jelly Belly Candy Cupcakes have a smooth texture that is never coarse, always creamy. Jelly Belly’s legacy of mellocreme candies dates back to the turn of the 20th century and includes ingredients such as fondant and marshmallow frappe.

Candy lovers and cupcake enthusiasts will be delighted by these petite confections, available in this fall in 3-oz. Grab & Go® bags and bulk.


Jelly Belly Candy Company was founded in 1898, and began making Jelly Belly® jelly beans in 1976. Today, Jelly Belly products are sold all over the world and the company remains family owned and operated by the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the candy-making family. For more information about Jelly Belly and its confections, visit www.jellybelly.com, or consumers can call 800-522-3267 and retailers can call (800) 323-9380. Connect with the company online on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.