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Spice Up Celebrations with Jelly Belly® TABASCO® Jelly Beans: New Novelty Bottles Make a Perfect Gift for Many Occasions

FAIRFIELD, CALIF., Jan. 15, 2013 ­­— Jelly Belly® TABASCO® Jelly Bean Bottles bring the sweet heat to your next celebration. Miniature bottles that mimic the traditional TABASCO brand bottle and are filled with the newest fiery Jelly Belly jelly beans, spiced with genuine TABASCO brand seasonings.  The bottles are a must-have for TABASCO enthusiasts and savory fans for any occasion from a hot date this Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day to graduations and birthdays.

Jelly Belly Tabasco Jelly Bean BottleJelly Belly Candy Company candy makers set out to develop a flavor so authentic that they sourced genuine TABASCO brand seasoning from the 145-year-old recipe created by McIlhenny Company of Louisiana. The Jelly Belly beans will ignite the taste buds with a peppery punch that hot sauce fans crave.

Jelly Belly TABASCO jelly beans are just as hot as the iconic sauce itself. Enthusiasts will immediately recognize the pungent taste of red peppers, Avery Island salt and distilled vinegar, coupled with a subtle sweetness – but not too sweet – undertone from the jelly bean itself.

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The TABASCO® marks, bottle and label designs are registered trademarks and servicemarks exclusively of and licensed by McIlhenny Company, Avery Island, Louisiana 70513. www.TABASCO.com

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