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Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Machine Provides Hours of Fun for All Ages

FAIRFIELD, CALIF., Jan. 18, 2013 — Jelly Belly Candy Company offers its iconic mascot, Mr. Jelly Belly, as the tour guide of his very own Jelly Belly factory in this fun new jelly bean dispenser. The   Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Machine captivates with cranks and gears all working to turn out the perfect jelly bean – just like the real Jelly Belly factories.

Mr. Jelly Belly Bean MachineFill up the machine with any variety of Jelly Belly® jelly beans – available in more than 100 flavors. A push of Mr. Jelly Belly’s handle turns the real working gears, and sends Jelly Belly beans whirling through the chute. The cascade of colors dispenses at the bottom a small handful of this tasty treat. Everyone will enjoy a turn pushing the lever and discovering a world of flavor with Jelly Belly beans.

The Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Machine is a delightful gift or addition to a home or office. Best of all, it can be refilled again and again. Mr. Jelly Belly, the brand mascot made his first appearance in 1983 and has since been bringing joy to Jelly Belly fans across the globe.  

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