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Jelly Belly Expands Party Collection with New Shimmering Flavors

FAIRFIELD, CALIF., April 30, 2014­­ — Matching a color-themed party has never been easier than with the new Jelly Belly Party Collection of individual flavors in packages sized for candy buffets, favors and gifts. Now, Jelly Belly expands the line’s offerings with two new flavors of shimmering Jewel Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans: Ginger Ale and Grape Soda.  

New Jewel Ginger Ale in Jelly Belly Party Bag. Ginger Ale: The flavor is crisp and refreshing like the beverage, with a sweet and subtle “bite” of ginger. The shimmering amber-gold color is on point with color trends in fashion, entertainment and home décor. Shipping to stores in June in 10-lb. bulk cases and 7.5-oz. Party Collection Bags.

Grape Soda: The sweet and classic taste of Grape Soda is packed in a dazzling bean with a modern purple iridescent finish. Shipping to stores in June in 10-lb. bulk cases and 7.5-oz. Party Collection Bags.

With these additions, the Jelly Belly Party Collection offers 21 options of classic Jelly Belly beans and modern Jelly Belly Jewel Collection of jelly beans. Bags are sized for hosts and hostesses who wish to add something sweet to celebrations and centerpieces.  Ideal for weddings, showers (bridal or baby), birthdays, sports team and school colors, and seasonal celebrations, retailers can now integrate colorful candy presentations outside of bulk sets. Flavors include:

New Jewel Grape Soda in Jelly Belly Party Bag. Berry Blue                                                      Jewel Berry Blue

Blueberry                                                       Jewel Blueberry

Bubble Gum                                                   Jewel Bubble Gum

Coconut                                                         Jewel Cream Soda

Cotton Candy                                                 Jewel Ginger Ale

Green Apple                                                   Jewel Grape Soda

Lemon                                                           Jewel Orange

Licorice                                                          Jewel Sour Apple

Tangerine                                                       Jewel Very Cherry

Very Cherry                                                    Assorted Jewel Collection flavors

Assorted Flavors

Jelly Belly beans contain four calories per bean and are fat free, peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and OU Kosher certified. For information, visit www.jellybelly.com. Retailers may contact Customer Service at (800) 323-9380. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

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