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Jelly Belly Easter Candy Personality Types

FAIRFIELD, CALIF., Mar. 31, 2014 ­­— Ever wonder what your favorite Easter candy says about you? Whether you like the traditional Pectin Jelly Beans or the funny Sour Bunnies, the 116-year-old company, Jelly Belly Candy Company makes them all. With the largest selection of Easter candies, Jelly Belly knows a thing or two about candy and the people that love to eat it. See what your favorite Easter candy says about you.Jelly Belly Easter Candies: Pectin Jelly Beans, Jelly Belly Spring Mix, Bunny Corn and Sour Bunnies

  • Traditional Pectin Jelly Beans – Some of your fondest memories are family gatherings and large Easter egg hunts at grandma’s house in fluffy pastel dresses and pint-size three-piece suits. While you long for yesteryear,  like the texture of Pectin Jelly Beans, you embrace the here and now, like how Jelly Belly famously flavors both the inside and outside of the bean.
  • Jelly Belly® Spring Mix – Bring on the April showers and the blooming flowers because spring is your favorite season and this colorful mix of signature Jelly Belly jelly beans is the perfect candy representation for your sunny personality. No room for gloom here, you’re the brightest and most joyful person in the group. And with a mix consisting of Berry Blue, Cotton Candy, Sunkist® Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Lime and more, there’s no shortage of sweetness in you.
  • Bunny Corn® - Secretly you couldn’t care less that it’s spring. You’d rather it be Halloween, where your favorite candy, Candy Corn, shines. The only thing that helps you get through all the sunshine and colorful flowers is the promise of Bunny Corn. A handful of these rich vanilla bites cleverly disguised in pastel yellows, pinks, purples and green makes it seem like you really do like spring! Oh, if only they knew that the crisp air and bright oranges of fall are what you truly love. It’s okay; only 183 days until the Autumn Equinox.
  • Sour Bunnies – The hardest decision you’ve made today is whether or not to eat the feet or ears first off of the marshmallowy Sour Bunnies or any other animal-shaped snacks (animal cookies we’re looking at you!). Your child-like wonder and playfulness is what draws people to you, not to mention your sweet and honest demeanor. You can be a bit brash, but what’s sweet without a little sour?

For more information about Jelly Belly jelly beans and Confections by Jelly Belly®, please visit www.jellybelly.com or 800-522-3267. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.


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