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Infographics: All You Need to Know about Jelly Belly Beans

Jelly Belly Candy Company has compiled their knowledge of the colorful and flavorful bean-shaped confection into three infographics for easy fact digestion. It’s a big bean world filled with information like which flavors are the top in various regions around the globe and that nearly 14 billion Jelly Belly® beans are eaten every year. These facts and more can be found in the infographics below.

While jelly beans are commonly associated with Easter, the exact beginnings on how this candy came to be linked with the springtime holiday is still somewhat unknown. For more information about the history behind the jelly bean, read this piece titled “Origin of the Jelly Bean or, Why Are They Called Beans?

Jelly Belly Easter Basket Hacks Infographic

Jelly Belly jelly beans infographic






Visiting Jelly Belly INFOGRAPHIC

Spilling the Beans Infographic

Love it or Leave It/Kids vs. Adults INFOGRAPHIC



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