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Demand High to Taste New Draft Beer and Beer Cocktail Recipes

FAIRFIELD, CALIF. Jan 31, 2014 -- The introduction of Draft Beer flavor of Jelly Belly beans set off social media buzz earlier this month. The surprising flavor found some scratching their heads, while others can’t wait to try it. Parade ran an online poll asking readers if they would try the new flavor or not, and results reported 62% saying they would try, while 38% said no way.

The Draft Beer Jelly Belly flavor is a salute to the growing $33 billion dollar craft beer trend, and was a flavor suggestion often submitted to the company.  Draft Beer will be available as a single flavor commonly sold in bulk bins, and not mixed in assorted packages.

Demand for the new flavor was so strong that Jelly Belly’s website was sold out in five days, as were the company stores in California and Wisconsin. A new batch of Draft Beer is being made now and will begin shipping to retail stores and available online by February 10. It takes seven to 14 days to make a Jelly Belly bean.

All packages of Jelly Belly beans include a menu of flavors on the back to help guide consumers to the flavors inside. With over 130 flavors on the market, assortments range from Tropical, Fruit Bowl, 49 Assorted, Smoothie flavors, Cocktail Classics and many others. 

Jelly Belly 50 Official Flavors

Jelly Belly beans have additional flavor appeal when individual beans are selected and combined into Jelly Belly “recipes” to make a new flavor.  Chef and craft beer blogger Jackie Dodd of The Beeroness developed her own Jelly Belly recipes using the new flavor to create craft beers.

The Beeroness, Jelly Belly Craft Beer Recipes

Known for flavor innovation and high quality, the company has developed the largest range of gourmet jelly beans in the world, with some flavors targeted to special markets. The company’s flavor range offers an exploration in flavor, including sophisticated profiles for adult fans such as Chili Mango, Coconut and Acai Berry. In addition, Jelly Belly has developed regional flavors. In Japan the company sells Sakura (Cherry Blossom) flavor, while in Brazil the locals have a chance to enjoy Guarana flavor (a popular tropical berry). Favorite flavors also vary around the world as shown in an infographic.

The key to a successful flavor profile for a Jelly Belly bean is making a flavor consumers know and have an expectation for a certain taste, then meeting that expectation in a small bean. It’s not always easy to pack a wallop of flavor inside a 4-calorie jelly bean, according to the food scientists working on new flavors at Jelly Belly headquarters in California. When they hit it just right, a flavor will evoke a memory or taste experience that’s true to life.  Juicy Pear flavor has a slight pear texture in addition to a fresh pear aroma, but the flavor scientists are mum on exactly how they achieve that.

The top three most popular flavors are Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn and Licorice.

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