Fairfield, CA,
17:24 PM

Dazzling Gifts Coming to Disney’s Frozen 2 Collection

Jelly Belly Candy Company’s collection inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2 expands this fall with a series of gifts featuring delightful new designs with character art of the lovable leads from the highly anticipated new film, premiering November 22.

Each package is filled with a delicious five-flavor assortment of Jelly Belly® jelly beans Jewel Very Cherry, Jewel cream soda, Jewel blueberry, Jewel Berry Blue, and sour orange. This collection is out now, just in time for the holidays.

The 2.8-oz. Disney FROZEN 2 Grab and Go ® bags and the 6.5-oz. Disney FROZEN 2 bags highlight fan-favorite characters Elsa and Anna, and ship in 12-count caddies. The 7.5-oz. gift bag and 5-flavor gift box are perfect gifts for any FROZEN 2 fan and highlight character art of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Ships in 12-count cases.

The 1-oz. Disney FROZEN 2 bags are wonderful party favors for any princess in training. Each features unique character art. Choose from one of three main characters: Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Ships in mixed 24-count caddies.

Collectible 1-oz. and 3.92-oz. Disney FROZEN 2 gift tins also feature the character art of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The FROZEN 2 Bean Machine holds up to 23 ounces of Jelly Belly jelly beans and includes a 1-oz. bag of Jelly Belly assorted jelly beans. With a gentle push of the handle, Jelly Belly beans cascade through the chute, ready for snacking. Ships in six-count cases.




Jelly Belly Candy Company was founded in 1898, and began making Jelly Belly® jelly beans in 1976. Today, Jelly Belly products are sold all over the world and the company remains family owned and operated by the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of the candy-making

family. For more information about Jelly Belly and its confections, visit www.jellybelly.com, or consumers can call 800-522-3267 and retailers can call (800) 323-9380. Connect with the company online on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.