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BEANANZA! Fun Facts about Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans

  • Enough Jelly Belly beans will be eaten worldwide in the year 2013  to circle the earth over five times
  • At Easter about 5 billion Jelly Belly beans will be eaten
  • Easter is the biggest bean-eating season of the year, followed closely by Christmas
  • Each Jelly Belly bean has 4 calories and zero fat, gluten free, dairy free, and OU Kosher
  • It takes 7 to 14 days to make a Jelly Belly bean
  • Jelly Belly pioneered the “recipe” idea of combining flavors to make a new taste: 1 Lemon + 1 Cotton Candy = Pink Lemonade
  • Jelly Belly holds the 2010 Guinness World Record for Largest Candy Art. The 39 foot long art piece made in China uses approximately 617,000 Jelly Belly beans and was created for the World Expo.
  • Jelly Belly donated 288,000 jelly beans in 47 different flavors for the world’s first jelly bean stop-motion animation music video “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis; released November 2011.

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