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Bean Counting: Fun Facts and Figures for Jelly Belly® Jelly Beans

7 to 14 days: Number of days to make a Jelly Belly bean

3: Number of days to make an old-fashioned jelly bean

600,000: Number of visitors taking tours each year at Jelly Belly in California and Wisconsin

2: Number of locations where the public can take tours.  Fairfield, California for a factory tour and Pleasant Prairie, Wis., for a warehouse tour and train ride.

722: Number of days Jelly Belly gives tours in two locations combined

50: Number of official flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans

66: Number of additional flavors including rookie flavors, sour, sugar-free, natural and just plain weird flavors

74: Number of other gourmet confections made by Jelly Belly Candy Company

20 Good or Gag: Number of flavors in the lookalike Jelly Belly BeanBoozled line; 10 good and 10 gag

5: Number of times Jelly Belly beans eaten this year would circle the earth

President Ronald Reagan: Most well known fan

1983 space shuttle ChallengerJelly Belly beans sent on this mission by President Reagan, making them the first jelly beans in space

5 billion: Number of Jelly Belly beans sold at Easter

4: Number of calories in one Jelly Belly jelly bean

Christmas: Second largest jelly bean eating season of the year

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