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FAIRFIELD, CALIF. -- One does not simply eat a Jelly Belly® jelly bean. Anyone who has ever tossed a random handful into his or her mouth and inadvertently combined Cappuccino, Buttered Popcorn and Juicy Pear can tell you this approach is inherently flawed. Jelly Belly Candy Company suggests candy lovers stick with its time-honored eating directions: Eat one bean at a time and savor the flavor, or combine specific flavors to create a delicious new flavor experience.

Savoring the flavor and eating one flavor at a time will “WOW” the taste buds. Thanks to the Jelly Belly flavor innovation, the end result is a true-to-life experience with flavors like Red Apple tasting like the iconic Macintosh and Cotton Candy tasting like it just came off the paper cone at the fair. 

Jelly Belly Bean Recipes for Candy Apple and S'mores

Thoughtfully choosing Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors to combine to create new experiences is an entertaining activity for those who like to exercise their palates. Combine flavors to produce an entirely new taste, such as:

  • 2 Green Apple + 1 Cinnamon = Candy Apple
  • 1 Caramel Corn + 2 Toasted Marshmallow + 1 Chocolate Pudding = S'mores

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Jelly Belly Bean Recipes

Jelly Belly Bean Recipes

Special combinations of Jelly Belly jelly beans can create a brand new flavor experience unique to Jelly Belly! Try these recipes for Candy Apple and S'mores! (Hi-Res jpeg, 300 dpi)


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Jelly Belly® jelly beans are vegetarian and free of gelatin, gluten, fat and dairy. All confections manufactured by Jelly Belly Candy Company are made in peanut-free facilities and certified OU/OUD Kosher. The company makes more than 100 flavors of Jelly Belly beans and more than 70 other confections, including gummies, seasonal lines, chocolate-covered treats, jells and mellocremes. Founded in 1898, Jelly Belly Candy Company is family owned and operated with the fourth, fifth and sixth generations of its founding family. Public tours are offered of the Fairfield, Calif. factory and Pleasant Prairie, Wis. warehouse. For information about Jelly Belly jelly beans and Confections by Jelly Belly, visit Consumers may contact Jelly Belly Consumer Affairs at (800) 522-3267, and retailers may contact Customer Service at (800) 323-9380. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+

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